Rosh Atzmon

Rosh Atzmon

Rosh Atzmon, Dr.

Tel Aviv, Israel


Born in 1969, married and father to a child (2002) and twins (2007). Phd Graduate in Economics and Criminology, 2019.
MBA Graduate in Business Management, expertise in Finance and Communication, 2000.
BA Graduate in Economics and Management, expertise in Finance, 1998.
Reserve Technological Program Graduate: Electronics and Computers.
Lieutenant Colonel (IDF Reserve Duty) as an aircrew member, in the special operations alignment.
Leisure: Triathlons and Iron Man.


CEO and Owner of “Rosh Financial Lines“. The Company specializes in investments in industry, commerce and services, mostly to family companies without continuing generation and/or companies found in business stagnation.
CEO and Owner of “Rosh Investments” Company, the investment arm of the Group. “Rosh Investments” holds in ownership of “ARTA” Company in which serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. “ARTA” is a leading Israeli company, marketing art products and digital print, with a history of over 60 years.
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Owner of the “NIRY AGENCIES” Group since its acquisition in 2010. NIRY is a senior company with over 70 years of operation, representing international conglomerates in the fields of packaging and printing, of the worldwide largest in their fields.

In the past 10 years, the owner of the controlling interest of “STEELPLAST TRADE“, an industrial leading company operating in the plastic field (retail, medicine, security, technology, high-tech), and employs around 110 employees.

ROSH FINANCIAL LINES” Company formerly specialized in economical-financial consultation, providing financial management services for several companies based upon outsourcing, and executing projects to companies and distinct businesses, mainly in the area of finance, economic analysis, examination of feasibility for investment, business entrepreneurship, business plans, profit analysis, investors recruitment, and more. In such framework the company executed several projects for the Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry. Today, “ROSH FINANCIAL LINES” is mainly a holding company.
ROSH FINANCIAL LINES” Company held ownership of “SHAMIR FOOD INDUSTRIES” (Company traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange), employed about 300 employees. As the owner of the controlling interest, was partner to its management, including negotiation management with customers and the markets’ largest entities, financial systems management, implementation of mergers and acquisitions within the Group (including the logistic processes, of the most complex in the market – Shamir-Tnuva merger) as well as business development, local and international. In such framework formed the Company strategy and implemented organizational changes in the Company and the Company convention. In course of the process, the company encountered difficulties (due to the collapse of a main customer – Club Market) and was sold to investors.

In the past accompanied profiting real estate and entrepreneur projects in Israel and abroad. Such investments included property tracking, construction and examination of the desired investment model and recruitment of investors for different projects, including preparation of presentations and their analysis, International Rate of Return (IRR), desired financial structure and ratio of returns of the property and the equity capital (experienced in projects in foreign countries including Spain, Germany, Holland and Costa Rica).

CEO (2001-2004) of a holding and investment company – JAL Venture. In this framework operated in representation as Chairman and Director in related companies, including venture capital fund and overall responsibility of the Company’s business development. In this position was in charge of the optimal management of the financial resources, in charge of the companies’ strategy construction and management of professional authorities – business, marketing and legal advisors, and investments authorities in the capital market.

CEO (1998-2001) of “DAN SHILON BROADCASTS” Company, one of the leading companies in the Israeli broadcasting communications field. The main duties were manifested in professional human resources management, leading and promotion of strategic processes in the Israeli industry and worldwide, examination of mergers and acquisition processes, private stock issuance, accompanying of legal proceedings, financial management, and comprehensive responsibility of the field in frame of the Company’s business, including the control of the cash flow, economic analysis reports and more.


  • Served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of “CARDIOMORE” Company.
  • Served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of “AROMA MEDIC INDSUTRIES“.
  • Served as a management member in the “Future Manager” Forum, on behalf of the Israeli Management Club.
  • Served as a special manager (CEO) on behalf of the Tel Aviv District Court by the trustee in Today’s Company under the definition of Chapter Eleven in framework of construction, planning and execution of the recovery plan (Turn Around) in an operational and financial crisis era.
  • Lecturer in Bar Ilan University and Shenkar College in the areas of marketing, economics and statistics.
  • Lecturer in the Directors Training Course, “Crisis Management” on behalf of the Israel’s Director’s Union (SRI) and Calcalist.
  • Lecturer for economics and commercial fields in the Management and Business Management School owned by the Israel’s Institute of Labor Productivity.